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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 5, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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entertain the question, this bumpy stuff -- this pudgey stuff, even if you are watching i'm disowning you as a view ewatch o'reilly. so you tomorrow. lou: good evening, if you were wondering why in midst of a international crisis president obama the delivered remarks at a small known university in connecticut, there are answers. they are contained in latest fox news poll. those answers are devastatingly negative for the president. brand-new fox polling, finds president obama job approval rating at all-time record low of 38%, that town 4 since last month. and sis approval rating as -- disaperspectival up 54% that -- disapproval rating up 54%, one
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points from his all-time high record of disapproval, his other numbers, worse. job approval on foreign policy, 33%, staggers 56% disapprove of his handling of foreign policy, almost 6 and 10 americans say that president failed to improve america's image abroad, 6 in 10 say, that united states is worse off than before mr. obama took office. and majority of american say that president failed on healthcare. failed on economy. jobs, transparency, and making the country safer. there is no cops laying for president obama in disparity between his poll numbers and those of his seat of state, john kerry,'s job aofficerral operating iingapproval rating. 34% it is approval, sert of state, used strong words following a meeting with russia
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foreign minter lab officer, and president obama went back to campaign trail, pushing his campaign minimal wage hike and raise money for democratic national committee, here is secretary kery from paris. >> we met today to discus these issues, because we cannot and will not allow the upy iy the integrity of the sovereignty of the country of ukraine to be violated, and for those violations to go unanswered. lou: joining us to answer as many questions as possible, former pentagon official kit mcfarland, and doug schoan, and former white house political director matt. thank you. kt we start with you.
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these numbers are this president, do not bolster his standing in international community, at the same time, his secretary of state seems to be standing tall, to forgive the expression, and seemingly advancing u.s. interest successfully. >> i would not say successfully, just compared to w president looks like he is flailing, red line, over iran. oops that did not turn out to be right, and over syria, that we know that what happened there red line with north korea, you should not test the missile, now what is just a hapless foreign policy with regard to ukraine, i think secretary kerry is trying, i don't think he is succeeding but at least there looks forward progress. progress. lou: doug your thoughts on the ukraine. president's policies or lack there of. and where we appear to be headed
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in the relationship with the ukraine, and really, with the eastern europe. >> i think we're in an absolutely weakening position, as we sit hire, there is no clear concensus about what wester response should be. to the incurring into crimea, there is consensus there should be a response involving sanctions, or trade embargos or visa restricts but we don't have any in place, we don't have europeans onboard, and bottom line, as -- we look like a weak nation it raises concerns about other former republics of the soviet union. union. lou: matt it is clear that the president is trying to bull ter nato. -- poll ster nato, stepping up adding 6 aircraft, if-15s into a rotation with a refuelling
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aircraft. to patrol the northern region of the east everyone europe, the balkans, but what is your react? is that mucht much see or outer -- sufficiency or outer limit. >> what is making us nervous there does not seem to be a plan, does not lead to a coherent approach, looks at what secretary hagel just announced the new cuts to budget, at defense. and then today we're supposed to believe they will take tough new steps, and imminent more budget dollars, toward this burgeoning problem. if you look at it, you know. politically, if john kerry out polling you with confidence of american people, and you are barack obama, you have to can be worried. lou: and that is a terrific points.
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doug, ukrainians right now, left we forget they are at center, the epicenter of this crisis. they must be terrifically anxious about there are future, it sthr an is there any clirty foty clarity. >> none, vladimir putin made it clear he is not invading eastern, crane, for now. he made is clear he is not an economy "crime stoppers: cas -- yiemia for now, they say who knows what happens next. they look and hey say, we're going to have try to have presidential elects in may, we'll try to have economic asis sudden stuns from europe and united states put in place quickly. while they are outlines of the all of those processees in place. there no certainty. lou: markets have recovered, from the nose dive, of the first
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news that russia had invaded ukraine. -- crimea, it is up clear where those troop or. but markets for now, are seem satisfied. your thoughts about where we are, and where we are headed. >> this is a cautionary tale, why was ukraine up for grabs, they are massively in debt, nobody wants to bail them out because this is a hopeless bailout, and second, they don't control their own energy. they have to get energy from russia. they as well as europeans get russian energy, now, when you think about of what -- how can you solve ukraine. europe can't stand up to russia europe needs russian energy, i take a step back, say what happened in last week,ing in to ukraine, nobody is talking about
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that chinese have come out support of the russians are. and while putin was preparing this, i think he has prepared this for long time in middle of the olympics he left sochi, he went to moscow and met with egyptian defense minister, they sign an agreement saying that russia will replace united states as primary weapon supplier for egypt, that is a major strategic in middle east. because egypt and israel, have kept the peace for 40 years, not just what we're all focused on tragedy of ukraine, but a much bigger picture, where whose destiny is anyone controlling it should be a caution for united states don't get into debt, and absolutely make sure that your energy self much. much. lou: wore working on the latter, but we're so, convincingly in debt, that there is not much we can do short-term. kt brings up a very salient
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points. the roll of china, to this points, said this will be understanding, and recognize will cultural millional complexities of the relationship between ukraine and russia historically. that sounds like we're with you. >> it does. and other thing they said is, they cid that this needing to worked out, went negotiated settlement with all of the parties, which also means, that we're not going to do anything to precludedded russians from their incurring, invasion. budget line there eye defacto alliance between the russians, and chinese, we're seeing that play out, on the stage now. >> that is horrifying. lou: matt. >> this is right, off of what kt said about energy, in careful have to be careful when issue with issu washington comes up with quick fixes we think it would be mart to take our
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american natural gas, li quif, sep to ukraine. -- we don't need to take america's natural gas and solve the international problem when we have our own energy security issues to focus on. lou: every assessment i have seen about helping ukraine with production of their energy reserves is a monumentally complicated, task, there is no short-term answer. idea of sanctions,y can't believe the number of people who keep taking about imposing sanctions on russia. matt, your thoughts? good or bad idea in. >> it is worrisome, we have to project strong in a way that does not harm our own economy
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interests, make sure if we are able to press reset button again, i want to be able to do it. lou: if we never hear the word reset against -- your thoughts. >> i'm a mother, when i tell my children don't do something or else, i better make sure i have that or else plan, when president said there will be sanctions, he has not lined up the guys who'll do sanctions yet there are threat, he will not carry out. lou: last word. >> bottom line, i have not seen anything or anybody who has the ability to compellingly tell vladimir putin no. lou: thank you very much. an american anchor ho works for russian state television deliver a surprising on air critique of russia's intervention in the ukraine. >> just because i work here for, does not mean i don't have editorial independence, i can't
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stress enough highway strongly i am against any states intervention in sev represent nations 678 what russia did is wrong. >> her bosses in russia today, well they did the unexpected they send her to crimea, to learn more about the crisis. stay with us, we're coming right back. >> the woman at center of irs targeting scandal pleading, the fifth. again. co-host of the 5, andrea with us to tell us what happens next, and what will be th ukraine crises on american space program that is reliant on russia? that is next. up. a short word that's a tall order. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up.
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lou: on wall street today stocks finished mixed, dow down flex, s&p latest a frack, nazdaq rose 6. crude oil dune $2 a barrel, settle just above $100 1, gold up 2 bucks. and yele -- 10 year, moving to who .70%. -- 2.7 per%, economy news disappointing. separate report showing climate sector added therein 1 these jobs last month. -- 139,000 jobs last month, target shares edging lower. following last year's data breach. that affected tens of millions of customers. >> a house oversight hearing, on irs targeting stan dal turn scandal turn tens after irs official lois lerner refused to testify for a second time. time, judge you are released.
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>> but first, i would like to use my time to make some brief points. for past year, the central republican accusation in this investigation -- close it down. >> trekked o directed. >> before our -- sung ill document. >> thank you. >> if you will sit down, and allow me to ask a question. i am a member of the congress. of the united states of america. i am tired of this. >> we have members over here, each who represent 700,000 people, you cannot just have a one sided investigation. there is something wrong with that there that is un-american. >> here, here. >> we have a hearing.
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i gave you the opportunity. >> i do have a question. lou: joining us now, co-host of 5 on the fox news channel, that was an mazing display. and lois lurche lerner after she was told she would testify take the fifth. >> that was amazing display and difference track -- distraction, i regret playing that footage on the 5 earlier, he said it was un-american, what is un-american is what happened at irs and distraction that companies and other democrats don't want you to know about memo that surfaced that shows lerner referring it tea party groups as quote dangerous, worried about the coke brothers, worried that this will look too political, and cutting out cincinnati, which is what they have been saying at irs,
7:19 pm
cincinnati, was rogue they abed on their own this is a washington d.c. operation. that came out today. that is the news that has been buried over the distraction over hitterria by representative cummings. lou: do you think his theater was intentional. >> maybe on some levels. lou: republicans and democrats are engaged in theater. >> he gave -- chairman issa gave cummings an excuse to carry on like a crybaby, i would say don't cut his mic let mem speak, an -- let him pond to the memo, instead of cut the mic and make this now the story that his mic of cut. lou: memo speaks to her knowledge, and awareness. i'm not as convince z as you it does represent a smoking gun in
7:20 pm
terms of demonstrating her guilt, but there is no question it should be explored it is a significant move forward. but on that issue, where does this investigation go from here? attorney general of united states, has been held in condition at the present time by congress -- in contempt by congress. where are we headed? why not at least have one successful result. stir one liberal news organization to interest and concern, and produce a result? this is now, far-flung unwieldily and approaching unseemly. >> talk has turned into holding her in contempt of congress, what does that mean? nothing. this is a woman who again, i think that smoking gun also was her not putting outal of facts
7:21 pm
today, i think she is waiting for immunity. lou: she has opinion trait forward about it. >> getting a six-figure pension paid b for by fact payers, if democrats and left get their way they will convince america they should not care, this and i think second to benghazi, biggest scandal to hit this white house. lou: i agree with you in other k at 8 open seats, that challenged that look leak they are going republican. we look at a generic poll, says that democrats running 8 points behind republicans, these are positive signs are latest poll,
7:22 pm
that produce today by came out 6:00 today. the fox news polling this president is in troubep politically. it has to en flewence the candidates in his party. >> 100%,? looking back at president's numbers they eroded it was beginning of this irs scandal, this tipped it off, so see amazing 3, senators up for reelection, flip on the appointment of lawyer for the cop killer, that shows you, one how scared they are and two how out of touch the white house is. i don't mean to shift gears but the fact that white house decided to put up someone for a nomination that so politically polarizing and they lost, they were embarrassed, vice president of the humiliates today, they are trying to rally i their base, they are devoid of any
7:23 pm
touch with reality or american electorate. lou: i believe this was 8 democrats who joined in that vote against -- debo . >> and the congress that does not put up with nonsense of putting a radical into civil rights division of u.s. justice department. >> thank you, lou. lou: barbara bush softened her declaration last year we had enough bushes in white house a little. >> it just seemed to me ridiculous in a country this size we didn't have other families, we got great governors, and other people, i just don't understand it. maybe jeb has given all he should give. he worked hard for a long time.
7:24 pm
but he is the best qualitied person in the country no question 'that. lou: i think leaving open, well, 2016 is a long ways off, we have 243 days before midterm elections, do you agree with barbara, a belly full of bushes and clinton. >> can you imagine? >> she is a pro, she was being a good mom by saying, he is the best candidate, he is my son. lou: covered all of the basis. >> appreciate thank you. lou: up next, white house spending all agreement with russian agreement economy epght yoept that deal we except that deal we have with russian space agency where we pay our way, we'll tell you all 'that.
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lou: a least one place the united states and russia get along. aboard the international space station the ukraine crisis has little effect on the one american and two cosmonauts one is caribbean does -- scheduled to depart on monday. charles -- saying right now everything is nominal with our relationship with the russian speaking only in terms of the space agency. tom jones says it is important not to keep it a political issues. >> what they lack is the control software we use 2. and never and controlled the station so they would not be wise to deny access because then they deny themselves the access.
7:29 pm
lou: and the last man to walk on the mood will join us friday evening. nasser relies on russia to get the astronauts to land from the space station repays $70 million per trip. although it is unlikely to be a reality until 2017 at the earliest to get ourselves there but we are dependent on russia to get to the space station. what a shame. nearly 100 ft asteroid is hurtling between the earth and the mood at its closest point to 018,000 miles from the planet about nine tenths of the distance nasa downplays it saying it happens 20 times per year of
7:30 pm
one in 10 million chia's it would hit. at first it was caught off guard with the russian meteor explosion that injured more than 1,000 so we have to be vigilant as specially between us and the mood. [laughter] with the oscars healthy -- selfie at the very moment he fired of missile from the f-16. spectacular. and studying video of two bald eagles stuck together after they got into a fight they were caught in a tree we're coming right back. stay with us. >> no relief in sight for president obama is certainly not to the latest polls. monica crowley joins us and
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on the direction of our markets and the economy. if you wear a denture, touch it with your tongue.
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try fixodent plus gum care. it helps stop denture movement and prevents gum irritation. fixodent. and forget it. lou: president obama turned his attention to the domestic agenda and went to connecticut to call on congress to raise the federal minimum wage one of the most important issues in the minds of the public. >> folks at the top for doing better than ever. but average wages and average income has not gone up. to mid-american they're working harder than ever just to keep up. lou: he has been president for five years. there is that and four democratic governors who all push to raise the minimum wage in their states joined
7:35 pm
the president today. now we have the "a team." tom sullivan, a monica crowley and jim and i have not talked for a month or two and it is great to see you. let's talk with the president's poll numbers. we talk about horse races all the time but he is losing. >> give it is the big problem right now. historically presidents lose seats in the midterm elections and no reason to believe that would change this time. but that would give both houses of congress to slam the legislative agenda to zero.
7:36 pm
maybe with his executive orders. lou: the irs according to those same poll 71 percent should continue to investigate as the chairman said we may be approaching a dead end. >> they may. the next app -- step is to force her to testify but who enforces the order? it is the department of justice so the chances to do something is nothing. it is simply a game they just try to run out the clock. nine months since we have heard from her if we could have a hearing once every nine months there will definitely get past the elections and way to the end of the president's term. lou: do you think the
7:37 pm
investigation is that the influential? >> people are watching very closely. i was talking about the stink between darrell i sat and elijah cummings. but that is a bad format i got a lot of hate e-mail and more than i usually do because people were very sensitive. lou: also about that microphone when you are in charge you cut somebody off that is a rough deal. >> i am interested in the chairman's frustration to have the democratic side stonewalled but when you are in a position of authority you do have to suffer so i do agree it was bad form because now it is the exchange rather than the
7:38 pm
incriminating emails talking about the tea party matter is very dangerous that is the heart of the scandal. >> it was a bad call on the part of issa elisha cummings was blabbering on and he should have been allowed to focus on the real issue. the supreme court ruling says there is no basis to invoke the fifth amendment unless with the reasonable expectation to break though law. i don't think she has grounds to invoke the fifth. lou: that is an interesting point. the justice department the cloture vote failed. but seven democrats were joining in is -- this is the radical fellow that the president is a proponent for
7:39 pm
his loss and one tim on his team but even democrats say he is too far left. >> with the naacp they pick and choose which cases to go after. they tried to project a vicious cop killer. that was the hot button. but he goes before the supreme court in number of times arguing the constitution is worthless, a fantasy, the idea of the second amendment is ludicrous. these are the thoughts of this man the president wanted to have. >> this speaks volumes where this president comes from you are telling me there was not a range of people who were far more qualified and less radical? this president deliberately chose him because it shows the ideological agenda and
7:40 pm
he wanted him in that position but the white house called the defeat of the nominee a travesty but really it is the death of the police officer do not forget his name. he died. lou: you are showing off. i have never been able to pronounce his name. [laughter] they q for being with us. come back. a pregnant mother intentionally drove her many v and into the ocean in daytona beach with her three children inside. the mother is now undergoing a mental health evaluation. chilling surveillance video a california teenager hit by two carr said she started into traffic and survived
7:41 pm
the accident. both drivers took off police have arrested one they're looking for the other again. she is only slightly injured the events unfolding are tied into one another and a new report showing the top paid internships. coming right up.
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lou: the highest paid internships no longer on wall street. that is small money. real internships are in silicon valley. if you are lucky to intern
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and a computer software company you will make more than $7,000 per month. that is the internship or $84,000 a movie if you need me to compute that you do not need the job. vm where has the second most lucrative followed by twitter. investors catching their breath after two days of volatility over the ukraine my next guest says what happens in ukraine have been right now with investors holding services chairman harvey, a great to see you. i have not seen this kind of flip on geopolitical this i cannot remember the last time this quick and decisive what will happen now? what is the play for
7:46 pm
investors they have a lot of stomach and enough money? >> it is a bull market when j.d. merry collapsed it should have gone up but people got really scared. the bottom line is people are still scared but they see the markets going up and they cannot believe it to. the reality is the economy is getting better, things are much better in the u.s. and the world. march and april always go up it has caused some concern in the first year the last one is gone but every mid term election year has a big correction. this is a bull market by any standard that i have never looked at and will continue.
7:47 pm
but this madness? date open all the cages and lets out of lunatics. the valuations on some companies? $345 million per employee? does that seem excessive? >> not really. [laughter] i have to tell you the twitter evaluation there is no reason to believe the valuation except other investors do. >> the reality is every by the watching this show is old enough to remember 15 years ago when microsoft could not be hurt and cisco systems was the most viable company. it changes quickly and the stocks get hurt badly. lou: talking about midterm elections, talk about a
7:48 pm
correction, a fall on a correction? >> these are not normal times. lou: not being normal what is your best judgement will happen? i don't know anyone who has a better sense as we find it. history tells us you are in a bull market march and april are up get a correction in the summer that a rally is. >> that is a pretty good script for this year but when you have the ukraine two weeks ago we had the olympics around the corner? you cannot make this up. lou: a lot of talk in the media that as soon as so she
7:49 pm
-- sochi was over they would invade the ukraine. i imagine you are always right. thank you for being here. a reminder listen to my financial reports three times a day coast-to-coast with the biggest market and business news. we will be back with my commentary on a great big stone wall around the white house. what does everything mean to you? with the quicksilver cash back card from capital one, it means unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase, every day. it doesn't mean, "everything.. as long as you buy it at theas station." it doesn't mean, "everything... unl you hit your cash back limit." it means earn 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every place, every occasion, all over creation. that's what everything should mean. so consider... what's in your wallet?
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lou: you know, the above a administration has to be the most investigated in our history and of little doubt the house oversight committee led by a darrell issa has been enthusiastic
7:53 pm
with those. of war contemporaneously destinations by the way in any congressional committee in history. look at the list now oversight probes into the irs, etf with "fast & furious", government security clearance approval process, said benghazi terrorist attack, and nsa surveillance the most newsworthy of the investigations. the congress has to be tired of the stonewalling and testimony and the lives while challenged are tolerated by a compliant news media of the seemingly going nowhere. chairman issa conceded as much after of a yearlong investigation of the ira's targeting scandal that his committee may be approaching
7:54 pm
a dead end and that will be his call but the latest poll released today shows broad support for congress and the investigation of the irs can. -- scandal. 71% still support the committee. i commend chairman issa for realizing the moment and all of their hard work. but i have to tell you i am tired of the endless stonewalling by viscid ministration the liberal media bias in difference difference, and i admit i am tired of all the investigations themselves that go nowhere in probes that are a dead end. even with the case of the operation fast imperious the attorney general is held in contempt of congress but even that there seems to be no accountability.
7:55 pm
should i use the word? node justice. i am ready to say with conviction all the u.n. now like to hear it with six major investigations under way it is time to conclude at least one of them. soon. simple fairness and forthrightness is at issue. and that demands a clear and clean conclusion that is just and proper for all concerned. the pursuit of truth be become work utile than noble but persistence becomes obstinate to when we're all better served where we are called to decide the issue and historians to judge and i believe we are near the place. take a look at some of your comments. to talk about today's
7:56 pm
explosive irs hearing. we're giving copies of my book "upheaval" to those comments we read on the air every night. that will be in the mail.
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>> in the middle of this international crisis we hope is called the down i think it is slowing down. first of all, the housing bill down this is not that there rip roaring comeback? i have been following these housing numbers and i don't like what i see. not awful but not great. home prices are dipping and home builders are warning just told brothers will not build as many as